America needs to wake up to just how radical Joe Biden has become

Jay Weber Show transcript 7/15/20 7:08 am

Americans need to wake up to just how radical Joe Biden’s 2020 agenda has really become.

Last week he signed onto the ‘defund the police’ movement...even if he tried to parse it as just a ‘shifting of funds’. And not ‘defunding’.

What is cutting police budgets and using that money for something else-other than- defunding the police?

Biden signed into that last week to placate the socialist horde....and now this week is changing his tune on the senate filibuster.

This is another thing I predicted Biden would-absolutely do-

But it thought he’d have the sense to wait until he’d been elected....given that....this is one of the biggest and consequential flip flops of his entire political career-

And given that it’s politically stupid to admit it ahead of time.

But Joe Biden is so deep into that left wing bubble-and Biden is- so focused- on doing everything he can to placate the socialists who now control the democrat tent...

That he and his team must think this is a winner: to admit that ...if he’s elected and the democrats retake the senate....that they will remove the one roadblock that acts as a check on runaway they can ram home the ugliest parts of their agenda.

That’s what eliminating the filibuster does. And Joe Biden knows it. He knows the historical importance of that mechanism and it’s usage in the chamber of congress that was meant to be the saucer that cooled the hot tea: cooled the passions of the angriest majorities.

It is as the founders intended and has worked for 244 years.

Biden knows all of this and so he opposed ending the filibuster thru-out all of his years in the senate. All 44 of them.

But now-when it looks like he might be the next president-

And now-when the democrats are so certain of a blue tsunami in fall that they are starting to openly plan how to ram home a more radical agenda than a major political party has ever forwarded in America-

Now Biden is on board with erasing the filibuster.

Yet again-these democrats are so loose lipped that they are admitting to the American people that they will be engaging in tricks and unconstitutional moves to force their unpopular ideas on us...any way they can...

And you just hope the American people are listening.

Joe Biden-in his 52 years in DC has never. Supported, ending the filibuster.

Just as- many republican and conservative policy goals were blocked from becoming law over the last four years-and the last 8 years during the Bush era....etc.

Both sides have had many of their policy goals blocked by the other side due to the filibuster for 244 years.

Now that the socialists take charge? Their agenda should be able to breeze thru and be rammed home with no resistance?

This is fair and reasonable?

Let’s change 200 years of precedent...for the socialist horde that wants to fundamentally change America. stifle our freedoms. Tear down capitalism.

Now? Of all moments in history?

Now is the time to eliminate the filibuster?

But you know why today’s democrats are so suddenly obsessed with the filibuster: because they know that they will-never- get their radical new agenda done...if there are reasonable people to stand against it in the senate.

They know that govt. run health care isn’t popular.A 50-trillion dollar green new deal isn’t popular. Higher taxes to pay for ‘free’ college isn’t popular.They know schemes to confiscate wealth and redistribute it aren’t popular.

So they will need to cheat in order to accomplish their goals.They’ll need to rig the court system and -abolish the filibuster in congress.

And now long time liberal democrats like Joe Biden and chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi who -as liberal as they were- never would have betrayed the country like this a decade or two ago....are now all in favor of it.

The time has come to ‘transform’ America into something different. They are even using the language of the Marxists and socialists.

And we should all be alarmed.

As recently as January- Joe Biden categorically rejected getting rid of the filibuster in order to cheat and ram home the socialist agenda.

Out on the campaign trail...Bernie Sanders and Liz warren and Pete Buttajedge and others were advocating for it....but ‘Mr. reasonable’.‘Mr. Moderate’. Mr. ‘common sense’ was against it. As he had been for 52 years.

So what’s changed?

Joe Biden is so desperate to get the radicals in the left wing base to vote for him that he has completely sold out everything he once stood for and has sold out America in the process.

That’s what happened.

And folks- Biden is moving -so hard left- so fast- that it leads me to believe that his team thinks he’s in trouble.

I know they are crowing about Biden’s ‘big lead’ in the polls but my guess is that they are seeing something in their internal polling that is troubling to them.

They are seeing that the Bernie bros and the AOC socialists -are not-warming to Joe Biden.

Put it this way: if those votes were solidly in Joe’s camp. He wouldn’t need to keep moving left and taking more and more radical positions in an attempt to win them over.

These moves lately-that have their presidential candidate signing onto...defunding the cops...banning fracking....crowing about raising taxes...promising to end the filibuster to ram home the socialist agenda...

They tell me that Biden’s team doesn’t think they have the Bernie bro vote, the BLM vote, the Antifa vote.... sewn up yet.

And occasionally...over the years...people on both sides of the aisle have talked about eliminating the filibuster.But to do so would lead to a more unstable union.And eventually- it would give one side or the other a prolonged and unfettered path toward passing laws and rule changes that are so radical that the other party would never be in the position to win majorities or share government-again.

And that-of course-is that the liberal democrats have been trying to set up since the Teddy Kennedy era. What they gave a big push during the Obama era. And what they hope to complete in a Biden era.

And if we have learned anything over the last 50 years-it is that the leaders and activists in their party are mercenary enough to get it done.

They are relentless. Never stop pushing, cheating, game playing, angling, tricking...

And sadly, the republicans haven’t been equally committed to T0pping it.

Biden has a plan to erase virtually all of the Trump/Ryan tax cuts and jack up your taxes-as well as the taxes on businesses of all sizes to levels that had us stuck in an economic malaise for 8 years under Obama.

And yesterday- Joe Biden rolled out a two trillion dollar climate agenda...that he insists is visionary...

But is really the very same thing that he and Obama and Pelosidid with the 2009 stimulus. Which was a huge failure and didn’t create new jobs and most importantly for our purposes today-

Didn’t create the so-called green economy that was promised.That fake stimulus package wasted 800-billion dollars of taxpayer money...and exposed the false promises of remaking America with a new green economy...

And now. Just a few years later....Joe Biden is wrapping up that same rotten fish and trying to sell it as something new- this time with a price take of two. Trillion dollars.

And let’s not be fooled here. This so-called two trillion dollar climate agenda plan...

Is in addition to the 50-trillion dollar green new deal plan that Bernie and AOC have been supporting for years.They’ll have Biden signing onto that, too.

But this is a new policy paper that is meant to trick voters into believing that Joe Biden has some visionary plan to stimulate the economy with green new jobs.

Folks. We’ve seen this movie before and it’s a farce.

So he’d pay for nine-trillion dollars in new spending, how? By raising taxes on corporations only?

Nice try-but no.

We have to stop again-and inject some common sense and some reality into these figures. Joe Biden -just so far- has proposed an additional one trillion dollars a year in new spending. About 9 trillion-just so far-over ten years.

We currently operate on a 4.5-trillion dollar budget and all of the federal taxes raised-

All of them-from individuals and from corporations- only take in about 3.5 trillion a year- in a good year.

So-as it is- we spend a trillion dollars more-each year- at the federal level-than we can pay for with our taxation.

Joe Biden wants to add a trillion more in spending-and take the federal budget up to 5.5-trillion dollars...and claim that he can pay for it by increasing taxes on corporations?

Come on.

I did a fact check. According to our own treasury....of the 3 trillion or so our federal treasury takes in each year-

Income taxes paid by individuals: $1.48 trillion, or 47% of all tax revenues.

Payroll taxes paid jointly by workers and employers raise another $1.1 trillion, 34% of all tax revenues.

Corporate income taxes only bring in about: $342 billion, or 11% of all tax revenues.

So if-at today’s level of taxation-corporations only raise one third of a trillion is Joe Biden going to raise taxes on corporations and magically make them contribute a trillion dollars more to federal spending. He’s have to quadruple their taxes.

Or- he’d have to tax workers with a huge jump in the payroll tax.

Or-let’s be honest-raise everyone’s taxes dramatically. In order to cover the costs.What Joe Biden is talking about-just in terms of the additional spending that he has already proposed-and it’s only July

What Joe Biden is already talking about- is raising America’s various federal taxes by about 35 percent. Personal income, corporate, payroll, etc. raise them all-by 30 to 35 percent.

In short-he’s pulling a Bernie Sanders or an AOC and pretending that there is enough money in corporate America or among quote rich people to cover the costs of trillions of dollars in new spending. And there simply isn’t.

The math doesn’t add up.

This is like saying you are going to tax toddlers in order to pay for free college.How are you going to tax toddlers?

They don’t have any money.

No matter. We’ll get it out of the lie Biden is telling. And that Bernie and AOC have long told as they push their massive multi-trillion dollar schemes.

The money doesn’t exist. It’s not ‘out there’ to be taken in higher tax rates.They are simply lying to the American people when they suggest they can make this all happen.

And as for the fallacy that America can create a stronger economy with a green economy...

That joke has already been debunked.And a blundering Joe Biden helped debunk it as he gave away billions of taxpayer dollars under the Obama Solindra and Fisker and other crony create this green economy they promised us.

It doesn’t exist.It’s a lie that has already been exposed. And Joe Biden thinks voters are stupid enough to fall for it again.

And you can add this to other insane ideas he has already floated in the name of climate banning fracking.

And not just on federal lands and waters-which would be bad enough. No. Joe Biden’s campaign is promising to ban fracking. Period.

Even on private lands.

And if Biden really intends to run on failed stimulus ideas and banning fracking. He’s going to lose.

But -as we talked about yesterday with listener mike from Cedarburg-

I don’t see how Biden can suddenly ‘moderate’ and abandon all of these crazy policy positions that he’s been signing onto over the last few weeks.

Normally-you play to the most rabid wing of our activist base in the primary...and then moderate in the general election.Biden is doing this backwards, this year.

He ran as a centrist and the most reasonable candidate in a sea of socialists....and now that he’s clinched the nomination. He’s moving fast and hard to the left. And embracing the radical extremes that his very own primary voters said they didn’t want!

but...the man who can barely put two coherent sentences together is going to deftly pivot September?...and abandon this radical agenda he’s signing onto now...but keep the Bernie and AOC voters jazzed...and motivated to vote for him?

That’ll be quite a trick...if that’s what they are intending.

But he will have the help of the accomplice media that we have in these Orwellian times, won’t he?

He-will-have that.

The east coast activists masquerading as journalists are working so hard to give Biden cover that we have a ‘fact check’ in the Washington Post today that claims Biden does not support defunding the police.

Biden said he did-just days ago.

No, the wash post tries to claim today.


We all heard him say it. It’s on tape.

Biden and the left have America’s two major newspapers-the NY Times and Wash Post- who tend to set the agenda for the rest of the media on both sides of the aisle every day-

They are now boldly lying and spinning and misdirecting on behalf of we enter the final stretch of this race.

And these are the papers that have been caught numerous times reportingflatly ‘fake news’ related to do Joe Biden is so desperate to get the radicals in the left wing base to vote for him that he has completely sold out everything he once stood for and has sold out America in the process.

Donald trump over and over and over again.

They won Pulitzers for their fake news stories related to the fake Russian collusion smear, and don’t have the integrity to give back the awards.

Now they are actively engaged in providing cover for Biden and the democrats between now and November third.

The effort is-clearly- underway.

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