Did you open up your tax assessment yet? Better sit down

It all started on Monday, when people were sending me screen shots of their latest tax assessments. Wow. I posted them on Facebook and was amazed at some of these numbers. Here's a link to my page Gregory Jon's Facebook Page By the way....mine went up $29,000!!!!!

Here were some of the comments.

Mine went up $35,000. Funny how it hasn't gone up in 20 years.

Up $37,000 for us!! Sucks!!

I live in Waukesha County....i received my love letter that my assessment is going up 100%, i was shocked, lived here 24 years, no remodel, no addition, nothing...i have called the Town Assessor twice a week for a month, have yet to receive a call back...my mortgage company emailed me that mu monthly payment for escrow is increasing $500 a month starting June 1. What do we do?? Over 24 years i have gotten small increases...but this is absolutely ridiculous. Now I have a 24 year old home, 1200 sq ft ranch, according to this assessment worth $362,000, how is that justified?? I am beyond livid

I'll post some of the statements below. Our friends over at Fox 6 has the story : ‘Doesn’t make any sense:’ Milwaukee homeowners speak out after spike in property value assessments

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