We asked Rick Esenberg of WILL if the GOP has a case (spoiler alert YES)


@RickEsenberg of WILL tells WISN WI Republicans have a strong case against Gov Evers' extended Shelter in Place order. The merits of the GOP case seem clear, but the process could mean we don't get a decision for 2-3 weeks. Ugh.

Good Stuff from @RickEsenberg of WILL this morning. He believes the WI Sup Court will act quickly on the standoff over Gov. Evers' extended order, but it could still be two or three weeks before we get a decision.

In January, @WILawLiberty won a similar lawsuit against DPI regarding virtual learning. In that case, our client challenged (b/c it was an illegal rule) a DPI policy that choice schools could not use virtual learning to educate kids.

Rick Esenberg of WILL

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