Who will get the $1,200 check - including seniors who don't work

I host a show called Experts You Can Trust every Saturday night at 5 on NewsTalk 1130, WISN

One of our Experts, Attorney Michelle Fitzgerald from Horizons Law Group researched the Coronavirus Relief Act and its benefits to consumers. Also we talked about the areas of law that they cover since we cover many financial related areas. 

We talked about who will get the $1,200 check - including seniors who don't work!  - and that it's tax free

Unemployment benefits - 4 months an EXTRA $600 / week - on TOP of what the state is paying, AND it's for part-time folks too - BUT could affect your health care eligibility since this item IS taxable income....(affordable health care act from 2010)

Student loans - also 4 months, no interest or payments if on a federal loan

Retirement - folks can take funds out in 2020 with NO 10% penalty and spread taxes over 3 years. 

I scoped the interview down to around 7 minutes

Here's a link to Horizons Law Group

Horizon's Law Group

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