There are not secret Nazis around every corner.

Here are the rules to the Circle Game.

One person makes a circle with their thumb and forefinger. They place that circle on their knee, or anywhere below their waist. If another player looks at the circle, the first person gets to punch that person in the arm.

There may be a few tweaks but that game is why you see young men flash the okay symbol.

They are not secret/not secret Nazis. They are bored young men playing a stupid but harmless game.

We, once again, have to have this conversation because a few cadets at the Army/Navy game flashed the symbol over the weekend.

As expected, liberals froke out on Twitter. Now, there's an investigation.

This is silly. Or at least it would be silly if it were so serious. The online mob is demanding that these future military officers be outed online, and be held to account. Doesn't anyone remember the Covington Catholic kids?

The left, fueled by Orange Man Bad, will always see evil and racism wherever they look because that is all they want to see.

Listen to "The circle game is not about white power" on Spreaker.

Photo Credit: Comedy Central

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