There's some really good news for President Trump in Wisconsin

There is bad news for Democrats and haters of President Trump.

Voters in Wisconsin are losing interest in impeachment, and breaking toward the president.

The latest Marquette Law School Poll, released this week, shows just 40 percent of voters support impeachment. Last month 44 percent of voters wanted to see the president impeached.

This month, 53 percent of voters in Wisconsin oppose impeachment. Last month that number was 51 percent.

Not only do fewer people want to see the president impeached, more people don't want to see him impeached. That's good news.

The other news that should shake Democrats and anti-Trumpers is the poll's revelation that the president now beats all of the top-tier candidates.

A month ago, Joe Biden lead the president and he was tied with the others.

Wisconsin is a battleground state. Perhaps THE battleground state. So this snapshot, one year ahead of when voters actually goes to the polls, is not just great news for the president. It is really bad news for Democrats who were counting that Orange Man Bad would be enough to carry them to victory.

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Photo Credit: Getty Images

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