Therapy dogs visit stressed Congressional staffers #NotTheOnion

via The New York Post by Ebony Bowden

An army of emotional support dogs was on hand Wednesday to help stressed-out Capitol Hill lawmakers and staffers weary after a year of impeachment-related drama.

Hundreds of journalists, policy wonks and politicians including Rep. Cheri Bustos (D-Ill.) lined up to see the pooches as the first day of public impeachment hearings got underway.

One frazzled Senate staffer was seen clinging to a Japanese Spitz, while a handsome Collie named Remy was only too happy to take Bustos’ mind off collusion and quid pro quo. Blue the Goldendoodle also wore a tie for the special occasion.

The furry shrinks were all certified therapy dogs provided by therapy animal organization Pet Partners, which sponsored the event along with the Pet Industry Joint Advisory Council.

The complete story here > Therapy dogs visit stressed Congressional staffers at impeachment hearings

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