Jay Weber's "Trip of a Lifetime" – Budapest to Prague

What makes a trip of a lifetime truly a “Trip of a Lifetime?” Is it the destination I choose? Is it the accommodations Cruise & Tour reserves? The food? The tours? The completely worry-free nature of the experience? Or the like-minded group of people you enjoy traveling with? If you traveled with me before you know this is a trick question because the answer is…all of the above! And if you’re thinking about this as your first “Trip of a Lifetime” all I can say is, prepare to be wowed!!!

You’re invited to join me on…Jay Weber’s “Trip of a Lifetime” Budapest to Prague

August 22 – September 1, 2020

Think about this for a second. Together we’re going to experience (in order of appearance) Hungary, Slovakia, Austria, Germany and the Czech Republic. My mind is already blown! And we’re not going to make token visits to these places, we have included tours already arranged in all of them!

And then there’s the matter of our accommodations. Let’s just say, we’re not going to be roughing it. We’ve chosen the world’s #1 River Cruise Line. I can’t wait to sail on Uniworld’s S.S. Maria Theresa. Everything is included, from gourmet meals, tours and gratuities to premium alcoholic beverages. And the service is second to none!

I’m excited to be making this journey and I hope you will join me.

For complete details from our friends at Cruise and Tour CLICK HERE

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