In defense of raw political power.

There is a sense that we want statesmen in Congress or the state legislature.

Americans routinely say they want to see politicians compromise and work together. But there are countless of examples of voters cheering when their side uses raw political power to get things done.

How many Democrats were upset when President Obama said he could order changes because 'he won.' Likely no more than when Democrats used their numbers to hammer through Obamacare.

Republicans didn't shed any tears when the GOP used its numbers to name Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court. Conservatives in Wisconsin are still cheering Act 10.

The point it, people seem to like when their side uses the political power they have.

Which is why the whining and complaining about the vote against DATCP Secretary Brad Pfaff is so weak. Democrats in Madison say Pfaff is a good man, and say it's B.S. to deny him the job.

The reality is they are upset that Republicans used the power they have to stop him from using the power that he would have had to accomplish the things that Democrats really wanted.

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