People will vote for President Trump. Even if they aren't supposed to.

A lot of people in 2016 voted for President Trump because they couldn't or didn't want to vote for Hillary Clinton.

That's a big reason why he is president today. Without Hillary on the ballot, where will those people go in 2020?

Increasingly, it looks like they will stay with the president. And a lot of other people will come with them.

Despite the shock and amazement of many people in the media, a lot of people are going to vote for President Trump next. Including quite a few who are not supposed to.

Women, Hispanics, even black voters all have reasons to support the president.

Most people who write in New York or San Francisco have never met a Trump voter. They cannot understand why anyone would vote for him. But just because support for the president is not in their reality, that doesn't mean it isn't real.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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