It's going to be Elizabeth Warren because SNL says so.

A lot of people who don't watch the news don't know who Elizabeth Warren is.

They may have heard something about her being an Native American. But Elizabeth Warren isn't Hillary Clinton. America has not had nearly 30 years to get to know her. So she can be defined going forward.

That's why Saturday Night Live's decision to make Warren their central character for the 2020 Election is crucial for her. SNL will define Elizabeth Warren before, and perhaps better, to uninformed voters than President Trump and the Republicans can.

Warren got a boost from this past Saturday's opening skit.

She shown to be funny, witty, and hip. There's no mention of the devastation that government run healthcare would cause in this country. Questions about costs are laughed at. And SNL writers do a good job of hiding that the government has already screwed up how people go to the doctor and how much it costs.

This is a win-win for Warren. SNL will make her appealing and make her seem like an inevitable candidate. Too bad for Warren and SNL that when it comes time to vote the folks who pay attention to politics (and don't pay attention to SNL) also get to vote.

Listen to "SNL has picked Elizabeth Warren" on Spreaker.

Photo Credit: Saturday Night Live

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