There are still some people who want to work in America.

It takes just a quick Google search to find the laundry list of stories about young American workers who don't want to work.

Gallup polls routinely show that workers under 30 are just punching the clock, or are pessimistic or depressed about their current job.

There is a sense, and plenty of anecdotal evidence, to back-up the claim that younger workers don't see the value of hard work.

But there are workers in this country who do.

Many of them are new Americans or new to America.

I saw it first hand during my travels in Florida last week. All but one of my Uber drivers were born outside of the United States. Many of them are new to the U.S. in the past few years.

All of them came here to work. And they are grateful for the work.

One driver, from Venezuela, said the average monthly wage back home was $2 a month. (I tipped him $5 for a $6 ride.)

The young man was grateful to be here, and to have a job. He also was puzzled why more American workers didn't feel the same.

I wonder the same thing too.

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Phot Credit: Getty Images


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