California's state-sponsored cancel culture.

California is sending a clear message to the rest of the country: Fall in-line with our values, or else.

The state of California has had a travel ban for years, currently there are 11 states on the verboten list. Iowa is the latest.

California Attorney General Xavier Becerra this week declared Iowa off-limits to state employees and non-essential state travel because lawmakers in Iowa decided not to include sex changes in the state's Medicaid program.

Duly elected representatives in Iowa made a decision for their people, in their healthcare program, that costs them their money.

And California is shaming them for it. It's nothing more than state-sponsored cancel culture.

That California have declared one-in-five states in the nation unacceptable is the height of bothersome virtue signaling.

But it becomes hypocritical and hollow when you see how California leaders reacted to President Trump's travel ban on people from failed terror states. As Jarrett Stepman at The Daily Signal put it "California sees red states as more of a threat than terror states."

It's okay for California to be California, that's how the 50 laboratories of Democracy works. But that also means Iowa gets to be Iowa, and Wisconsin gets to be Wisconsin.

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