The media continues to get it wrong when they report about public schools.

The people who write about public education in Wisconsin, by and large, don't see the problem with public schools.

Like Democratic lawmakers and their public school teachers' union allies, most reporters think only in terms of money spent inside the classroom.

The forget, or easily don't remember, that public schools in the state are failing students.

This become apparent anytime reporters are asking to cover Education Secretary Betsy DeVos. The coverage of her visit Monday to Milwaukee didn't disappoint. Reporters conveniently didn't mention that DeVos wants to give kids a choice to leave public schools where at least six in ten cannot read or add at grade level.

Instead, there were quotes from top Democrats and teacher union leaders about how school choice is hurting public schools.

Not single one of them spoke to the fact that public schools are hurting kids. And worse, not a single reporter called them out.

But this is what we get from reporters who either don't know, or are in the bag for Democrats and unions and don't care.

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Photo Credit: Getty Images


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