Media bias in the Age of Trump example 54,978.

The worst part of media bias is not that most of the big newsrooms in this country are controlled by Democrats. That has always been the case.

The worst part of media bias in 2019 is that all stories from the New York Times, CNN, and their ilk must end with the same narrative. That President Trump is bad.

Even members of the legacy media acknowledge this.

The latest example of 'Orange Man Bad' journalism is on display in the New York Times. A report over the weekend dredges up old and fake accusations that Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh drunkenly molested a young woman during his college days. The story fake, but that didn't stop the Times.

Again, it is no surprise that the Times would want to trash the president and a conservative Supreme Court justice. It is sickening, however, to see media bias taken this far.

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