"I am the Milwaukee that I know" Lena makes it official

via Fox 6 Now

MILWAUKEE — State Senator Lena Taylor announced on Tuesday, Sept. 3 her candidacy for mayor of Milwaukee. Taylor referred right away to a past in Milwaukee that she remembers fondly. I could play double dutch on the block. We could play hide and go seek. We could run in the neighbor’s yard,” Taylor said. “We could get apples and pears off the trees — and we had birthday parties with each other. That’s the Milwaukee that I know. That’s the Milwaukee that made me. That’s the Milwaukee that I demand.

Taylor told those gathered she is a child of Milwaukee — and not unique.

“I am the Milwaukee that I know. I’m not (Tom ) Barrett’s Milwaukee. I am the Milwaukee that allowed me to grow up and have access to opportunity,” Taylor said. “I think every child should have access to opportunity.”

Taylor, along with other candidates, will be vying for the position currently held by Tom Barrett.

The complete story here > State Sen. Lena Taylor announces her candidacy for mayor: ‘I am the Milwaukee that I know’


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