Why react, when you can overreact.

Social media never lets us down.

Our friends on the left continue to freak out online about everything.

The #Boycott movement is strong. Outrage is all the rage. And there is no issue too small for the left to latch on to.

This week's #Overreaction comes after news of the Amazon forest fires. Lefties are wrong about their fear that the "lungs of the world are burning."

There's the, also wrong, outrage over Olive Garden's supposed support for President Trump. Olive Garden doesn't support the president, or any other national candidates, but that doesn't matter to the outrage mob.

And there are a lot of tweeters who are all atwitter over the picture of Melania Trump and Justin Trudeau.

All of this shows that the left lives by the credo of 'Why react, when you can overreact?'

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