The NFL is punting its social justice problems to Jay-Z.

The NFL is washing its hands of Colin Kaepernick and social justice.

The league is partnering with rapper Jay-Z to be their 'live music entertainment strategist.' Part of that job will be to lead on social justice.

In other words, the NFL is punting on social justice and Kaepernick. The anger and frustration will now go to a black billionaire who has plenty of street cred instead of white billionaires who can't even say they own their teams.

This is a smart move by both the NFL and Jay-Z. The league gets a buffer, and Jay-Z will get a piece of an NFL team.

The woke left, predictably, isn't happy. Jay-Z is being called everything from a sellout to almost an Uncle Tom.

The truth is that Jay-Z is a hustler. He always has been (insert NSFW video here).

The NFL needs to get the focus back on the field. The NFL needs middle class fans in middle America to watch commercials for pickup trucks, beer, and little blue pills. If the league has to allow Jay-Z to buy-in, then that's the price of admission.

But before we congratulation Jay-Z too much, we also have to recognize the other side of the hustle. Jay-Z is walking the same line that Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton have walked for years by taking a payout to squelch protests and anger. There's a name for that kind of hustle.

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