Vos joins Jay Weber: Ever's gun law meeting, Foxconn and Rep Jimmy Anderson

Assembly Speaker Robin Vos joined us this morning. His meeting with Gov Evers on gun laws, Executives from Foxconn's visit to the State and the latest on Rep Jimmy Anderson

Vos says "universal background check, "red flag" laws will not be effective at curbing gun violence and it's "very unlikely" the Legislature will take them up"

Foxconn officials "want the deal just as they have it" in Wisconsin, even though Everssaid the company wants changes to the contract given the reduced scale of the project in southeast Wisconsin

Democratic lawmaker Jimmy Anderson is trying to "throw sand in the gears" of how the Republican-controlled Legislature works with his request for accommodations due to his disability, including being able to dial into meetings, no overnight sessions

Below is this morning's segment

Speaker Robin Vos

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