It's back to school time. So what will we be outraged about this year?

Back to school means a couple of things.

One, kids finally have to start going to bed early and waking-up before noon. Two, moms and dads are going to have to lay out a couple hundred bucks for everything from shoes to Ziploc bags. And three, we're about to get angry.

Back to school means a return to the outrage that is sending kids to public schools.

We're already seeing headlines about race and privilege, gender, and the political correct nonsense that is modern college.

And while all of that is worth being outraged by, there is more for parents to be upset about at their kids schools.

Most kinds in this state, and in this country, aren't learning what they're supposed to. Too many kids can't read or write at grade level. Too many kids are having to take high school classes in college. And too many kids are mistakenly sent to college.

There is a lot to be outraged about this back to school season. let's not forget to be outraged about the things that really matter.

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Photo Credit: Landyn Pan and Anna Moore

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