Dump President Trump to save the Republican Party? No way.

A lot of Republicans and conservatives weren't comfortable with President Trump in 2016.

They had questions about his dedication to conservative principles, questions about his temperament, and questions about his Tweets.

In 2020, almost all of those voters won't have the same questions.

But the #NeverTrumpers will never give-up. They will always have hate in their hearts for the president.

Anthony Scaramucci is the latest to jump in.

He told anyone who'd listen on Sunday that Republicans need to dump President Trump in order to save the party.


As if anyone out there believes the future of the Republican Party lies with some magical Republican who gets the support of the New York Times or CNN.

President Trump has one election left. Win or lose. If any of the #NeverTrump Republicans want to save their party, they need to stop focusing so much on the White House and start focusing on the future.

Listen to "Dump President Trump Nope" on Spreaker.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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