China is trying to meddle in the 2020 election

I am waiting for the hearings on election meddling in the 2020 presidential race.

We don't need to wait for the Russians, we can hold hearings right now about Chinese election meddling.

There's really no other way to look at the steps that China took this week to hurt the American economy by reducing the value of their currency and refusing to buy American agricultural products.

It's not just retaliation for tariffs.

China is trying to take away President Trump's best bid for reelection, a strong economy.

Do you think the Chinese would rather negotiate with Joe Biden? Or how about Bernie Sanders?

The Chinese would love to have anyone other than Donald Trump as president. And they are willing to ruin the American economy to replace him.

If some Russian trolls on Facebook is election meddling, how can we not call these Chinese moves the same?

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Photo Credit: Getty Images

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