I was right about Obama, WORST PRESIDENT EVER (on display this week)


It took a good 24 hours of the news cycle to see what kind of impact these Democrat debates would have on their narrative for 2020. It's apparent on the narrative LAY OFF OBAMA, BETTER YET, AVOID OBAMA!

What a surprise that Democrats would admit what a craptacular President Barack Obama was. This is why I'm loving it. I predicted all of this as Obama left office. For most of his 8 years, what was my montra?


He was a total train wreck who was intentionally very divisive and divided the country and restarted racial animosities in order to cynically turn out Black and Hispanic voters. He was terrible domestically, terrible on foreign policy and left world less safe.


I predicted his fellow Democrats would finally realize how much damage he has done. This man has all but killed off traditional liberalism. He left the party a smoking crater. He left an opening for the fringe and crackpot socialists. Obama has no legacy that isn't detrimental to America, but no worries, it's easily erased. Trump has almost erased virtually all of it.

Below is the segment from this Friday which include sound bites from Joe Biden, Joe Scarborough and Amy Reid


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