One of these days, Donald Trump will not be president.

One of these days President Trump will no longer be in the White House.

That is a fact. Hopefully it's not for six years, but it will happen.

And when that day comes, what will this country look like?

Each day, it seems, we get further and further from the rule of law and from common sense.

The immigration debate in this country has gone from a conversation about legal and illegal immigration, from making sure that criminals are not hiding in this community, and ensuring that people who follow the rules are rewarded to an insistence that President Trump is running concentration camps.

It's en vogue to stand-up to ICE. Even if that means allowing a likely criminal to escape justice.

That's not helping immigrants or U.S. citizens. But the anti-Trump crowd doesn't care.

One of these days Donald Trump is no longer going to be president, and what's going to happen to this resistance? Will the country's mood suddenly change? Will we care about making communities safe and following the law? I am scared that some people won't.

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