There's a lot of money in lunch shaming

School lunches used to be simple.

Then came Michelle Obama and her no fatties policy and yellow squash lunches.

Schools also used to understand that some kids can't afford school lunches. Now, we're seeing more and more school districts turn to collections, or worse, to get every penny out of every kid.

A Pennsylvania school district recently threatened to take children from their parents over unpaid lunch debts.

This is ridiculous. Schools should feed kids. It's part of their job. It's something that schools should do.

The lunch shaming fight is about the worst in public schools. Greed.

Schools don't see these debts as hungry kids who can't or don't pay for lunch. Schools see these debts as monies owed by deadbeats who are taking that cash of school's deep pockets.

Schools, and school lunches, should be about kids. Not the adults in the school district.

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Photo Credit: Getty Images


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