Who do Democrats think they are appealing to on immigration?

The people in the United States who embrace unlimited illegal immigration are already voting for the Democratic candidate in 2020.

That's a given.

And that's the problem. Democrats in 2020 need to add swing voters in order to win the White House.

Working class voters in Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, and the Carolina's thoroughly do not support unfettered access to this country. And why would they? People from Guatemala and El Salvador are not going to take the job of a university professor, but could take the job of a laborer or welder.

This, by the way, is obvious in the polls.

But Democrats don't want to listen.

Instead they want to say that President Trump is racist, that he is keeping kids in cages, and that someone its okay to rip down the American flag and hoist the Mexican flag.

You win elections by adding voters. Who do Democrats think they are adding?

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Photo Credit: Getty Images


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