Women's sports are just not as valuable as men's.

Valued is different than valuable.

The U.S. National Women's Team is talking about what they see as a pay gap between women's soccer and the men's game.

Some high profile players say that FIFA, the group in charge of global soccer, doesn't value the women's game as much as the men's.

That's not true.

FIFA simply realizes the women's game is not as valuable as the men's.

A number of writers are using the U.S. women's team's victory to write about how underpaid the women are. How the men's purse for the World Cup is ten times larger than the women's. Of how a number of U.S. women are suing to be paid more.

But there is very little attention to the difference in audience size between the men's and women's World Cup. Nor is there a lot of attention paid to the money that each tournament makes.

Looking at the business of soccer shows one thing, and it's not misogyny.

The women of Team USA deserve a raise, they've shown that. But the business of women's soccer has a long way to go before it is on-par with business of the men's sport.

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