Wisconsin needs to send people to jail.

The man charged with killing a Milwaukee police officer shouldn't have been behind the wheel. Everyone agrees on that.

But, for some reason, there are people in the state of Wisconsin or the city of Milwaukee who don't think he should be in prison.


In the aftermath of the death of Officer Kou Her, there is a focus on suspended driver's licenses and Milwaukee's 'reckless driving crisis.'

But there is almost no talk of why so many people in Wisconsin get probation. Why so few people in the state go to jail.

The Wisconsin Supreme Court has said judges should always consider probation first.

Why? To give people a second chance? Okay. But do criminals need a third, fourth, fifth, sixth chance?

Prison is not a reform school or a summer camp. It's not meant to teach criminals lessons.

Prison is a place where we send those who prove they are unsafe. Prison is a place to keep people who are dangerous to the 98% of us who are law abiding citizens.

How many more people need to die for judges and lawmakers in Wisconsin to understand that.

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