What will it take to get serious about repeat drunk drivers in Wisconsin?

There but for the grace of God go a lot of us.

When you talk about drunk driving in Wisconsin you get a lot of uncomfortable looks.

In the state made famous by beer, it's not uncommon for a lot of people to have a few. Some of them then get behind the wheel.

Wisconsin lawmakers have been, seemingly, frozen by that in their attempts to get tougher on drunk drivers.

But what about the repeat offenders? People with two, three, four or more OWI convictions? Is there anyone in Madison who thinks someone with five OWI charges needs a sixth chance?

Milwaukee Police say the man who drunkenly crashed into Officer Kou Her this week has four OWI convictions. He'll likely face a fifth for the crash that killed Her.

But it shouldn't take an officer's death to get serious about drunk driving. It shouldn't take five OWI's before someone spends some time behind bars.

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Photo Credit: Milwaukee Police


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