Beware of the little California south of Kenosha

The state of Illinois will be a much different place by June 1st.

Lawmakers in the Land of Lincoln are radically transforming their state.

The new Democratic governor and the old Democratic legislature are pushing to legalize marijuana, protect late term abortions, protect people who are in this country illegally, impose new gun restrictions, and enforce diversity upon private businesses. Not to mention they plan to raise taxes. Twice.

For people in Wisconsin that should be a good thing -- Their state, their problem. But it's not.

Because the current state of Illinois is what Gov. Tony Evers and Democrats here want for the state of Wisconsin.

Big spending plans, yep. Big government giveaways, yep. 'Progressive' new laws, yep again.

No one should want to be Illinois. Especially the state of Wisconsin.

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Photo Credit: Getty Images

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