It's supposed to be government of the people

Only in government.

State of Wisconsin employees are getting $83 million more in the next state budget just because.

The state's Joint Finance Committee, which writes the state budget, voted this week to offer most state workers a 4% raise. New prison guards in the state will get 14% more.

Again, why?

In the private sector workers have to earn a raise. People how to show they have value to the company. You have to show a return on investment, or reach a goal, and hit a milestone.

In the public sector you have to show up and not commit a crime.

I am sure that some of the 39,000 people who work for the UW System had a good year. Some of them probably earned a raise. But all of them? Wisconsin lawmakers didn't ask to see any proof that they all earned a raise. Lawmakers just gave them more money.

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Photo Credit: Getty Images

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