Boo Hoo, No Millennials, you don't have it tougher than we did.

A story in the UK Daily Mail caught my eye

According to the survey of 1,000 U.S. adults by Charles Schwab. The Millennial generation (people ages 23-38) was the most likely to struggle in between payday, at 62 percent, followed by Generation X (60 percent), Generation Z (55 percent) and Baby Boomers (53 percent). Similarly, Millennials were the least likely to feel financially stable, followed by Generation X (40 percent), Generation X (45 percent) and Baby Boomers (47 percent). The story here> The struggle is real: 62% of Millennials live paycheck to paycheck

Lots of great comments from the Accunet Mortgage Talk and Text Line

The struggle IS real.. but the struggle is got parents to prepare their kids. When we see all the toys here in lake country, I will ask my kids "I wonder what sort of debt load they are carrying?

Working my tail off to be able to stay at home and raise my kids part time debt free, and hearing about this debt forgiveness BS is the MOST upsetting thing for me.

Kids today have been raised on traveling all over the country playing soccer, baseball, volleyball etc. No time to work on weekends

I'm a millennial myself- 28, married, 2 kids, debt free living in north shore. Nothing ticks me off more than seeing friends on social media taking lavish trips, building "forever homes" etc. when I know they don't have a significant job. Many of them are racking up credit card debt or their parents are paying for their honeymoons/weddings/cars. Many people my age have tons of debt (ok it's an investment) but they never graduated with a degree that HAS a job at the end of it. It's insane! I had 150k in debt paid off in 3 years, I knew what I was getting into but knew I had a job at the end- too many kids go to school and rack up debt and don't know what they're going to be doing.

These kids are talking about now not understanding anything about being responsible for themselves is part of the reason I feel like socialism is so popular for them. They've never had to take care of them selves they've gotten everything handed to them and they just want to keep that comfort level of having somebody else take care of them through their adulthood as well

Millennials want to ignore all of the lessons learned by the previous generations that includes life lessons. No wonder they think they're the first ones to have these kinds of challenges in life.

Scott from Byron GA: the PROBLEM is that my generation hasn't been forced to cook or do dishes at 12 years old. We're completely unprepared for the "real world"

Jordan in Sheboygan. Shouldn't the headline read millennials live outside their means and have no idea how to budget?

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