What happens when Donald Trump is not president?

President Trump's days are numbered.

That is not a political threat, or the joint dream of many on the left. It's a fact.

No president of the United States will get more than eight years in office. President Trump has had almost three.

So what happens when Donald Trump is no longer president?

Culturally, we have come so far in the past three years.

What used to be considered a huge breach of the public trust (spying on political opponents) is now somehow justified.

One half of the political spectrum in this country is dedicated to opposing the president by any means necessary.

That toothpaste can't go back into the tube. That genie can't go back into the lamp.

We need to start to think now what America will look like after President Trump. What kind of word we are creating, what our culture will look like after the end of Trump administration.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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