People are choosing to become heroes. Let's help them.

CNN is wrong (I know, big shock)

The self described cable news leader ran a piece with the original headline that once again a student 'had to' be a hero in a school shooting. (They later changed the headline to Student Heroes Thwart A School Shooter)

It's the words 'had to' that are so wrong.

Kendrick Castillo, the hero who died in the Highlands Ranch shooting, chose to act. He chose to try and stop a bad guy with a gun. He chose to give his life to save other people.

That choice needs to be celebrated and remembered. But it also needs to be honored.

We've also seen heroes react in a number of recent shootings, and we should expect to see the same going forward.

We need to protect the next hero who chooses to act. Instead of taking guns and making schools more vulnerable, lets give heroes (students and teachers and others) the tools to fight back. Let's give them something more than just their bare hands and big hearts to fight with.

Listen to "Lets support the heros of these mass shootings" on Spreaker.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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