Which other rights do Democrats want you to get permission to exercise?

Someone needs to remind Cory Booker that the Constitution is a contract that limits the government, not the people.

Booker is out with a new gun control plan that would make law abiding gun owners beg permission to exercise their 2nd Amendment rights.

He wants to have the FBI issue federal gun permits. You'd have to pay a fee, give the government your fingerprints and photo, sit for an interview, and be deemed worthy of owning a gun. But the government could pull your permit at anytime.

Booker says if you have to have a license to drive a car, why not a license to own a gun?

Okay, so how about a license to vote?

Where is the call for fingerprints and photos for voters?

Booker would never call for that. He doesn't want to step on the rights of voters.

His constitutional double standard shows what he, and his gun control plan, are really about. Seizing headlines (and maybe some weapons.)

Listen to "The latest gun control plan is laughable and transparent" on Spreaker.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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