Can Wisconsin have a conservative gas tax increase?

Government is supposed to build and maintain roads.

Along with providing snow plows and first responders, building and maintaining roads are one of the few things that government needs to do.

They should already have the money to do that.

So why are Republicans in Madison allowing Governor Tony Evers' gas tax increase to move forward? Because they want to spend more.

Republicans are not immune to the desire to want to say 'I built that.' They are not above wanting to glad hand, and see local town and city leaders get excited about a new highway or a re-paving plan. And Republicans are not going to ignore their friends who want to build new roads.

But just because Republicans want to more money doesn't mean they should get it. And lowering the gas tax increase from nine cents, or putting a sunset on the new tax doesn't make it a conservative idea.

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Photo Credit: Benjamin Yount

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