The Sports Illustrated Swim Edition is the latest social justice victim

If you were a teen in the 80's you have fond memories of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition.

Kathy Ireland helped define my youth.

The Swimsuit Edition was always a simple sell. Hot girls in bikinis? You betcha.

But the 2019 edition is leaving the old idea behind. Now, Sports Illustrated is more interested in getting glowing headlines from their inclusivity.

The magazine is leading with a young woman in a burkini. That's the swimsuit of choice in counties that punish women for showing even the smallest bit of skin.

I am a little too old to get too excited about the Swimsuit Edition these days, but I an bothered that the new push for social justice is running what was once a common piece of our pop culture.

Not everything needs to be for everyone. But, sadly, the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition now looks like it is for no one.

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Photo Credit: Getty Images

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