Even the Chicago Tribune admits Trump's economy is REAL

The Trump economy is doing so well, the Democrats need to find other issues to push. According to some recent polls, those aren't working.

A full 72% of Democrats view illegal immigration as either a “crisis” or “a serious problem.” Only 27% of Democrats say illegal immigration is “not a serious problem.”

3 in 4 Americans say no to Bernie's plan for allowing felons to vote

Elizibeth Warren's plan to have taxpayers pay off college debt and then free college for all has fallen flat.

Trump's ecomony is doing so well, even The Chicago Tribune has to admit it.

The results have been excellent but also criticized as an unsustainable “sugar high” and a precursor to recession. As writer James Freeman noted in The Wall Street Journal, experts at the Brookings Institution plan to meet in May to discuss ... how to prepare for the next recession. It may be a short meeting.

There are always things to worry about. Trump needs to end his trade tussles with China. The federal deficit is rising, due in part to the cost of tax reform. Inflation, now tame, may return. Trump’s management of the economy will be one of many issues in the 2020 presidential race.

But right now employers are investing in their businesses and hiring more workers. Wages are rising at a healthy pace. Consumers are spending. Hit the total button:

The economy is growing at a robust rate. No matter what you hear from the chattering class.

The complete story here > Editorial: In defense of a booming economy. This is no ‘sugar high.’

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