Earth Day is a success story

The Earth has won Earth Day.

Nearly 50 years ago environmentalists. professors, and student activists pushed to create a day to celebrate mother earth.

What followed is a success story that's worth telling.

Because while the EPA was created, and Congress approved clean water and clean air rules. It was the free market that brought us to where we are today.

Car makers made smaller engines with better fuel economy because that's what customers wanted.

Factories scrubbed their emissions and filtered their waste water because neighbors and investors demanded it.

And people stopped littering because an Indian on TV made us feel bad for tossing our trash out the window.

The government didn't have to force any of this.

And the government should not forcing any of the changes in 2019.

That needs to be the model going forward. Education, awareness, and the free market will respond to any problems with global warming.

We've made amazing strides on Earth Day over the past 50 years. We will, hopefully, make the same kind of strides over the next 50.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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