Hey Gov Evers, polls show it's not really the "People's Budget"

Hey Gov Evers, polls show it's not really the "People's Budget"

According to WILL's poll of 1400 Wisconsinites (a large size for such a poll)

Choice or Charter Schools:

Two-thirds of Wisconsinites say don't freeze funding to choice or charter schools. The very voters Evers would call "his voters"...Blacks, Hispanics and Liberals in Milwaukee support, in huge numbers, choice and voucher schools. Two-thirds of African-American and Metro Milwaukee residents say they support charter and school choice.

The data and funding levels are clear. Charter and Choice schools do more educating with less money than public schools. They send a higher percentage of students off to get college degrees and into higher education programs.

Why does Evers want to freeze out and then kill off popular programs that work? Simple. Evers is not doing it "for the people". He doing the bidding of his Union Masters.

Some of the findings of the recent Marquette University poll

Wisconsinites approve of taking the Obamacare money, $15 dollar an hour wage, and the legalization of marijuana. Do the bulk of these voters know the true details or consequences of these proposals?

Do most Wisconsinites know that Federal Obamacare money is only temporary. When it's taken away, their State taxes go up dramatically. No one has explained it to them.

If most voters knew that a $15 dollar an hour minimum wage would cause the loss of 10-to-15 thousand jobs in Wisconsin and would cause some of their favorite restaurants and shops to close....would they support it?

Do the voters who support legalizing marijuana know the true social costs of say "Yes, Do It". Do they really know what's going on in Colorado, Washington and California.

Back to the "People's Budget. This budget raises property taxes in both years, calls for other fees to jump and leaves a $2 billion dollar structual deficit in our spending. Governor Walker and the GOP legislature were running slight surplus budgets. Governor Ever's budget immediately spends $2 billion more than our treasury is going to bring in.

This is the "People's Budget" ?

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