Four score and, like, whatever ago... AOC at her finest

Will the world suffer if we cannot hear a few things rattling around in AOC's head because she has to stop to eat? She's gotta plow thru and eat while she talks so humankind can benefit from every utterance? Man we had fun with the latest Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez video. Like Greg said, I think the folks at SNL should hire us. We've got enough material for 5 sketches. Below are your comments from the Accunet Mortgage Talk and Text line:

I think AOC puts her phone on the floor because she lives in a luxury apartment and she can't let people see how well she's living while promoting socialism.

She sounds like one of those people that gets stoned and believes that they become some sort of philosopher after a little weed From Denton in Milwaukee

She sounds like a six year old girl sitting in front of her mirror talking to herself. Doug

AOC is that girl in high school who tried too hard and no one liked

That is why they call her Alexandria Occasional Cortex

Is she eating a steak or double cheese burger? Dean from Racine.

Jay - please I was ready to sip my coffee when you said 'that's your hangup'. You are at your best today. Keep it up.

😂😂😂😂😂Greg, you are right! SNL 😂😂😂😂😂

Jay..the politicians of today are the gen of social media and drama...drama..drama. They think they are coming off as "real" connect with voters. UGH!

We need to have a winning segment with the hilarious clips Jay has had this week! I've belly laughed multiple times this morning already plus the other day with his creepy Joe Biden voice OMG!!!! 

Todd in Plymouth

Good morning Mr. Weber. I am a left leaning swing voter. I disagree with you most of the time, but your view of AOC is awesome!!! I can't wait to see that video. Your commentary was quite amusing as well. - Dave New Berlin

Biden is Mandelbaum from Seinfeld

Long time iHeartRadio listener. Jay is always interesting and thought provoking but today just outright hilarious!!! Had pull over I was laughing so hard about AOC

Wait a minute isn't AOC killing the environment even faster by eating food out of that crinkling bag?

AOC #SquatsWithChips

Here's the original video

And here's a great parody from one our favorites on Twitter Randy Savage @_hublette

Here's the segment from this morning. Let's be honest. "AOC is gold I tell yah'"

Having fun with AOC.  Its worth the listen

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