This is the guy pushing Neubauer: Eric Holder: When Was America Ever Great

via Hot Air

America’s done great things, but the bottom line is its essential suckiness. When was it great for blacks? For women? For gays? To which alleged “golden age” for these people do MAGA-ites wish to return? For each of those groups, right now — or three years ago, when Obama was still in office — is the closest to “great” America’s ever been. The Democratic preoccupation with identity in this year’s primary is a function of that belief. Beto O’Rourke has to apologize for his “white privilege” every six hours to signal his awareness that America may not suck for him but it sucks for most of the Democratic base, or so progressive dogma claims.

The compete video and story here > Eric Holder: When Was America Ever Great


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