Democrats don't care about the Special Olympics

The Special Olympics are great.

You don't know joy till you see a Special Olympics athlete compete.

Unfortunately, the Special Olympics are being used as a pawn in the Democrats' push to keep government big.

Education Secretary Betsy DeVos took heat this week for the proposed cut. She wants to trim $18 million in federal spending. The Special Olympics raised $100 million on its own.

President Trump reversed that cut.

But Democrats are not worried about special needs athletes. They are worried that taxpayer may want someone to trim federal spending. Particularly spending on groups that can raise their own money.

Which brings us to Planned Parenthood That group raises millions (and is worth $1.4 billion) but is still on the federal dole.

Democrats in Washington D.C. are terrified that if voters can stomach cutting funding to a popular group like the Special Olympics, they will jump at the chance to pull the plug on Planned Parenthood.

Listen to "Dems cant cut the federal budget" on Spreaker.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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