Jussie Smollett's victimhood is most important

Sorry victims of violent crime in Chicago, you're not that important.

Prosecutors in Chicago on Tuesday shocked the city and dropped the charges against Smollett.

He was facing 16 felony counts after police say he lied to them about a fake attack last month.

Why? No one has a good answer.

But the real answer is victimhood. In 2019 there is nothing more important to the left than victimhood.

Its is currency. There is a real value in victimhood. And there is a scale as to who is a bigger the victim.

And Smollett is still considered a victim by some in Chicago.

He is gay, he is black, and he is famous. All three of those things make him more important than you.

Listen to "Jussie Smollett and the cult of victimhood" on Spreaker.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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