10 years since the Great Recession Ended. I talked to Aaron Kowal

I recently sat down with Aaron Kowal of the Kowal Investment Group to talk about life since the Great Recession. You can hear the podcast here.

It’s hard to believe ten years has passed. Back in 2008, when the recession hit, no one would have known that you can somehow ‘take an Uber’, that a cell phone can cost nearly a thousand dollars, or that the last thing anyone does with their phone is actually call anyone.

Aaron and I talked about the steady growth in the markets since, and how America has recovered. Did you know that the S & P is up 305% since that time? We looked back and talked about how the qualitative easing and federal tampering with financial institutions were counterproductive and helped retard the recovery.

Now with the transition from President Obama’s policy’s to President Trump’s, we are finally on our way to a full recovery. We’ve added over 4-million jobs in two years, the unemployment rate is down at 3.8% and we are seeing wage growth of 3.5%, with more promise on the horizon.

Check out the podcast here:

A chat with Aaron Kowall

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