Who is Wisconsin's largest employer? (hint, it's California's as well)

via The Daily Mail

Ta-Da, with a whopping 39,000 employees, it's the University of Wisconsin! To no suprise, in California, their university system employees 227,786.

Walmart is America's largest non-government employer, with roughly 1.5 million workers at its 6,363 stores around the country, according to a new report.

A new analysis by 24/7 Wall St compares the largest non-governmental employers in each state, finding that Walmart comes out on top in 22 states – dominating in the South, Midwest and the Rust Belt.

While state governments tend to be the largest employers in much of the country – with more than 5 million state employees nationwide – the latest report breaks out the largest non-governmental employers to find that universities (seven states) and hospital systems (15 states) also dominate the workforce in many states.

The complete rundown of all the States from The Daily Mail here > The job creators: Largest employers in every state revealed - and Walmart dominates in nearly half the country

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