Chelsea Clinton and the real fake news

Journalists get their panties in a bunch when President Trump uses the words fake news.

They scream 'We are professionals' or 'We just deliver the facts.'

What the president means to say is that many newsrooms and news reporters (CNN and Jim Acosta anyone?) are biased. Their stories are one sided, poorly sourced, or poorly written.

But that doesn't mean that there isn't fake news out there.

Last week's ambush of Chelsea Clinton is fake news at its worst.

Two 'woke' students stopped the former first daughter and blamed her for the mosque attack in New Zealand.

It was all on camera, of course, and then sent to the Twitter mob for consumption.

That's how fake new works. A bogus story, some 'shocking' video, and a click bait headline.

No one in their right mind thinks Chelsea Clinton had anything to do with the New Zealand massacre, but everyone wants to see why she's being blamed.

That's real fake news. And sadly, until we as news consumers stop clicking on it, fake news isn't going anywhere.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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