Michelle Obama owes Milwaukee kids an apology, not a pep-talk

There's nothing a 17-year-old high schooler wants more than the tale of a housewife-made-good.

Michelle Obama stopped by Milwaukee's Collegiate Academy this week to shill her new book.

While there, she told the youngsters to 'prove the doubters wrong' and go to college.

I find it interesting that Mrs. Obama stopped by a high school to sell her book. I find it fascinating that she stopped by that high school.

Milwaukee Collegiate is a charter school. (Yes, that kind of charter school) But it is also a school where over 90 percent of students graduate. The school brags that 100% of its senior class was accepted to a college or university. Of those, the school says nearly 89% will enroll.

Milwaukee Collegiate Academy is a high school in Milwaukee.

But it is not a typical high school.

Just a few blocks away is Milwaukee Marshall High School.

A school where more than one-in-four students won't graduate. A school that fails to meet the state's basic education requirements. And a school that is dominated by teachers' unions and the Democratic politics of the Obamas.

Those are students that need a message of hope.

But perhaps Mrs. Obama should talk to students in failing public schools about the success sequence, rather than offer them platitudes about 'overcoming' and being 'no shade.'

Or at the very least, she could apologize.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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