More affirmative action is not the answer to the college admissions scandal

A lot of people are missing the point when it comes to the college admissions scandal.

In addition to the general, populist outrage, there is a sense that the lying and bribing is scandalous because a bunch of rich white kids benefited from their parents wealth and whiteness.

The answer, the social justice warriors say, is more affirmative action. "Let's get the right kind of students on campus," the left is crying this week.

But no one is talking about getting qualified students on to campus.

None of the kids who were bribed into school had trouble paying. They all had trouble getting the grades or the goods to get into college.

Replacing privileged, unqualified white kids with un-privileged, unqualified students from a protected class is just as bad.

Numbers show that Asian-American students and upper-middle class female students already suffer under affirmative action. Let's not punish them more.

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Photo Credit: Getty Images

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