Emergency Vote Today: Relax GOP, this is how it works

Donald J. Trump

A big National Emergency vote today by The United States Senate on Border Security & the Wall (which is already under major construction). I am prepared to veto, if necessary. The Southern Border is a National Security and Humanitarian Nightmare, but it can be easily fixed!

Some fun on Twitter today..

Jay -I honestly don't see why we need all of the drama surrounding the National Emergency vote today. The system will work as intended: If cong doesn't like the president's move, they can try to stop it. He can veto. They try to override...Oop- not enough votes. And we move on.

John Austin-It lets us know who the true conservatives are

Jay-It doesn't even do that. Some of these Republicans will be casting a vote they believe is 'honoring the seperation of powers.' They are wrong, but are attempting to defend a higher ideal. That doesn't make them squishes.

Jay-Senate GOP gave Pelosi and the dems the perfect opportunity to take back powers on behalf of congress and reign in TRUMP and future presidents, AND PELOSI TOOK A HARD PASS. Why? Because she's a game playing fraud who doesn't care about congressional powers or constitution..

Bill Heintz-So do you agree that Trump has overstepped his constitutional authority?

Jay-No. I do not. The president has the authority to enforce borders and protect sovereignty. But it's more of a gray area that can be argued. The 1976 National Emergencies Act makes it clear- Trump has the authority to do this- because a past congress has given it to him.

JR-@senatemajldr Should hold the vote on the bill to reign in powers ANYWAY. I’m sick of the Senate doing the wrong thing (another example is not changing judge approval process) bc things in the future might not go exactly as desired Newsflash: THATS ALREADY HAPPENING!!

Jay-I agree with this. If they feel strongly about it, take the vote to limit presidential powers and pass it along to Pelosi. Force her to either vote on it due to public pressure, or sit on it and be exposed as a fraud.

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